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House of light is a non-profit community organization in Melsiripura, Sri Lanka. We provide a suitable home for children where they can have protection, shelter and a family to support their fundamental rights.

Our prime concept is to ensure child's rights to nurture within a caring family. An orphanage or protection centre is merely a temporary place only. The main activity of the ‘House of Light’ is doing everything possible for the child's protection and development. This is all part of a social development program. We are connected with networks that protect the rights of children and their development.

House of light is not merely looking for profits or gains. It is an organization which is mainly acting for benefits for people. It represents to solve problems and to improve peoples life standards.


Provision of security, protection, health, nutrition and education for children that don't have access to basic fundamental rights. We provide opportunities of development for each and every child equally. We consider that the best place for a child to grow up is in ‘his family’. That is why we want to provide these opportunities for children who are involved with various problems in the society. We want to help them and group them within the concept of ‘a family’.

House of light, team


“House of light" children’s home was started on 30th of June 2003 with the intention of providing necessary guidance for the development of rural children and their families and to obtain their services. In 1995 the project expanded its activities in the district of Kurunegala, Negombo, Colombo and Kandy for making studies regarding the lives of street children and their families. This study project shows how the village children that faced with various problems end up on the street of such cities and how the organized groups push these children into the streets. The organization had to appear on behalf of these families. For their rights, rehabilitation, socialization, introduction of economical activities and to provide facilities for the education of the children.

With the purpose of developing of the life standards of small scale farmers of village level and for the education of children, to improve their skills agency was associated with schools, children societies and active organizations. Up to 2003 we carried out various projects and activities voluntarily on behalf of the children’s development and their rights. On the 30th of June 2003 with the intention of protecting and developing the children who are facing various problems and deprive their human rights, and to develop such children under the concept of one family.

This institution started by the name ‘House of Light’ and is still maintaining under a voluntary foundation. The ‘Govijana Udana Sanvidhanaya’ is also maintaining a model for carbonic farms, nurseries, medical plant nurseries. The Children and woman who are displaced from the ongoing conflict are providing special contributions for the development of such villages.

House of light history, 30th of June 2003